Monday, April 20, 2009

Shut Up And Click The Link

Ok Listen up i've opened up a new Monocle Blog that Buffy cant ever find all you have to do is find it


Friday, April 10, 2009

Well this is the end

Hey guys i've got some really bad news. I just got an email from Miley Cyrus's lawyer, Buffy. Unfortunately they sent me a Cease or Desist order saying if I don't shut this blog down they'll fine me 1,000,000,000 U.S Dollars.


I'm sorry it had to end this way but I guess thats just the way the dice rolls. If you want to fight to keep MB alive please go to this link

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hai Gaiz Wazzup

H3llo Th3r3!

Did you find Waldo? No... did you find the number 3 any where (If you said "Right after number" or "Your Face" You suck.). Well this is just a perplexing epidemic of the language of Cell Phone Text Messages. Its sad that at this point we spell thanks and later like this, thnx and ltr. Its honestly sad. Our literacy has gone down due to Text Messages, No longer can our literacy improve. In order to create a solution I have made a nice Presentation of the Freakishly Amazing Kid English-Equalizer or F.A.K.E. In a sense its a box with some flash cards. For extra effectivity you can put in a dictionary and other stuff.

Only 3 Posts away to the big 150

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Love Is In The Airwaves

Well love is one of those things that really has changed over the years. Originally if you were going to make someone feel loved you would just go outright and say it. Now we make up crap to get the coveted #1 spot on the radio. Love Songs are a big ticket item that for some reason took off I mean its good in all but why Love? Yeah its special but do you think anyone who wrote a Love Song is still in or ever was in Love. I mean seriously the quality of the Lyrics went way down as well. I mean we went from this to this to bloody hell. Well why cant we sing about something else ? There's the economy, The war, Obama, Teen Pregnancy, Or even D&D (If you dont know what that is, I admire you). Well as long as we don't make a song entitled "My life would suck without you" Society is in tact. Don't Believe my clever reasoning well I wrote a Love song its called
The Stereotypical Love Song

Just cuz your a slut your'e still hot.
I Think we should make out.
While our alcoholic parents smoke...
I will make you love me because you know what...

Oooh Im Soo Sexah
Showin my Stuffz
Gettin Some Love Because
Oooh Im Soo Sexah
You know that i'm hot
Lets do it.

I buy her some idle little gifts
Some chocolates, A Bunny, And a giftcard to
She says thats the worst pick-up line
So She slaps me and she says goodbye
So now i'm depressed so I buy some Crack
Cuz' Of My Heart Attack

I walk home and I say
A word that would probably get Finn Suspended.
I get a ring in my Cell Phone
And I reach in my pocket
And I Grab My Cell Phone
Check The Caller I.D.
Its Betty
I Answer The Phone
And you know what
In 20 Minutes Were kissing and hugging
And I Say Lets Get Married
She says why not were 16 we can Drive

And Now we live in Alberquerque
Have 4 children and she says
I Shouldn't have went with you you
Lying cheating mother
I say hold on we cant use that language
And I say Ok

Thats The Sterotypical Love Song
I wrote that In health class...

Thank you and we've almost reached 150 Posts Yay!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Curing Election Addictions

Welcome to Dr.Feelbeeter's Shopping Extravaganza in time for christmas, today we are talking to you about your election addiction. Since 2007 you've been injecting yourself with all this crap with Mccain Vs. Obama, Obama is a terrorist, John Mccain is found endorsing an Iraqi carbonated beverage known as Bom-Usa today we are going to be talking about this problem you have.The first step is buying my election addiction gum called Electionette It uses a little bit of Sarah Palin's Stupidity, A dash of nutmeg, And alot of Drugs. Then buying my "You can quit but your not trying hard enough, Yes I am, No your not, Go to heel, Its actually hell,Shut up you stupid retard." CD set its filled with lots of intresting seminars like "Obama Never Was A Terrorist It was a lie", "Joe the plumber is actually a fry cook" ,and "YAY, we dont have to watch the news anymore for 4 years!" that are truly miraculous and make a perfect gift. Mabye its a little harder for you so thats why we created the "Dr.Feelbetter's sewaside commiter 3000" it kills you in just 3 easy steps and its customizable so you can choose whether you want hanging or being stabbed with a knife.We also have the official wee little obama's for your kids. Theyre so cute. Theyres a sale going on the wee lil obamas 75% on! you can also get Tivo's with every news report on the election known to man! Also we have the newest Females in 2012 T-Shirt wth Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin. Or both for that SNL shirt you wanted but never got. Speaking of which wev'e got all the CNN reporters as barbie and ken dolls and for a limited time only Electionmon trading cards with a limited edition Palinchu Foil Card. So come on in and shop the right way with Your election addiction curing superstore DFS.
All sales final people buying the Electionette gum experienced rotting eyeballs bleeding vomiting constant urge to wipe but snot kidneystones and gas zorin is not meant to imply to any current events results may vary .We are not responsible for any sewasides cofee makers blowing up. Tivos were stolen. Wolf blitzer ken doll does not talk palinchu stuffed doll out of stock go away buy the stuff dont read this why are you ahh loser.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Prep For IKNN

Fox: Hello I'm your moderator Fox Rudolph here with the best political team on blogger and we are just hours away from witnessing an old man make a fool of himself on live television. So since we have little time on our hands and the night is young we'll bring you our predictions on the debate. For our first question: How will the candidates react to the economic crisis.

Eisinhower: You know Fox John Mcain really is good at debates especially in the town hall format so thats why I didnt watch the debate last week because I knew he would win. But overall I think Mcain knows what he is talking about, unless he's talking about Obama. The economy he would handle well In my opinion he's gonna just blabber about taxes and be retarted for 90 minutes. But i still love you Mcain.

Fox:I see... well we got lucky enough to get in touch with vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Ms.Palin are you in.
Palin:Hello out there in New York.
Fox:Uh yes Ms.Palin what do you define as a Washington outsider.
Palin: Well Fox you know ive never been outside of good old Alaska where we can see russia from my houe.
Fox:Thats Just Wonderful... Now what is your view on what makes a maverick well a maverick.
Palin: Well you know i'd like to answer that question but ive got this great joke we tell in Alaska how do you tell the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?
Fox: Lipstick
Palin: Wow you know that joke like a native alaskan.
Fox: Just one more question do you believe global warming is manmade.
Palin:No its just god giving us a big hug.
Fox:Okay that was Vice Presidential Pick Sarah Palin

Fox:Thank Goodness thats over that Palin lady is just plain retarted he-he.Well anyway now that thats over were going to tune in with California State University where we have a group of un-decided voters who just so happen to care enough to watch the debate here were getting live sattelite feed from this group with Clairice Veronica

Clarice: Well here we have multiple Undecided voters who each have a device that will affect the little line you see at the bottom of your screen weve explained to them how to use it. Now we will talk to one of these randomly selected unsworn voters
Voter:Hey Mom thanks for letting me talk on TV.
Clarice:Your welcome now who do you support in this race
Voter:I dont support nobody im a undecided duh.
Clarice:Back To you fox.

Fox:Well its almost time for the debate im sleepy and we will be back soon with poll results until then goodnight

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Arden For President

Today there's been a lot of debate over fuel prices should we drill or should we not drill in Yellowstone national park.If im to be elected president i will in alternate clean fuels such as Antimatter and Isotopes.Also ill send out all the economic stimulus checks you want so you just email me when you want an economic stimulus package.Ill also open up forums online so i can get in touch with people.Ill make taxes more affordable and just by calling a 1-800 number you can pay the low low price of 19.95$.Ill also end our current war in Iraq and start a new war with our real enemies Utah,and Canada.So what are you waiting for vote for me you wont regret.
Seriously though don't vote for me.